The Kleszczów municipality is located in central Poland, in the southern part of the Łódź region. It lies at a distance of 75 km from Łódź and about 180 km from Krakow and Warsaw. The municipality has convenient transport links to northern and southern Poland through the national road no. 1 running 15 km away from the town.

The total space covered by the Kleszczów municipality is 124.8 km2. Almost 5,300 people live in ten villages. One third of the municipality’s space is occupied by urbanised and industrial areas. The area of agricultural lands is 54 km2 and the area of forests – 34 km2.


Urząd Gminy w Kleszczowie

ul. Główna 47
97-410 Kleszczów
Tel.: 44 731 31 10
Fax: 44 731 31 30

Godziny otwarcia

poniedziałek: 7.30-15.30
wtorek: 9.00-17.00
środa: 7.30-15.30
czwartek: 7.30-15.30
piątek: 7.30-15.30